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YouTube Marketing Course – 11 Advance Money Making Methods


YouTube Marketing Course - 11 Advance Money Making Methods
YouTube Marketing Course – 11 Advance Money Making Methods



  • YouTube is the number One Video sharing platform with 2 million videos being watched daily.
  • YouTube is the 3rd most visited website.
  • Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine.
  • Owned by Google.
  • A lot easier for anyone to watch and listen to the information instead of reading on the web.
  • world’s Top interaction site between buyers and sellers. People look for solutions and ideas on YouTube.
  • A study predicts that 78% of all internet traffic will be video content by next year.
  • It is very easy to make videos, upload and market your products.

Conclusion: With all of the above benefits, it is critically important for growth to be on youtube and take benefit of millions of FREE visitors daily. Looking at the trends if you are not on YouTube, you will be missing on huge revenue opportunities.


YouTube Account Creation and Optimization;

  • Create a channel under the business/niche name or your personal name. Have a creative name brand to match your niche. popular niches Health, Remedy, How To, Cooking, Travel and Make Money Online.
  • Put an Avatar or Logo on your channel for visibility.
  • Have your youtube channel Verified; it is extremely important if you want to upload videos longer than 15 minutes, you are looking for new services like youtube live, hangout on air, have the ability to appeal content / ID disputes and customize your thumbnails.
  • Have the Custom URL; Like youtube.com/10minutemillionare.
  • Have a nice Cover Image; you can use canva.com to have a perfect thumbnail.
  • Put little attention to About Page; Clear description of what you do, what value to provide to the viewer.
  • The website, Business Mail & Social Media; Connect the relevant website and social media. it is to be related to your niche.
  • Have a Creative Playlist; Organize and Categorize your videos, Add Value driven Title.
  • Optimize your Home Page; Add a very good channel trailer for new visitors.

“Watch Time” is the new Core Matrix;

  • In past YouTube rank matrix used to consider the number of views.
  • Now with new algorithm Matrix of YouTube, it is “Watch Time
  • YouTube sidebar search recommendations and suggestions are purely based on video watch time.
  • So the most important thing on youtube success is to keep your viewers engaged.
  • First  3 to 5 seconds are very important to build up the interest of audience so they stay engaged till the end.
  • YouTube also monetize your video and make your payment considering Watch Time on your views.

Your “Subscribers” are your powerhouse;

  • Who are Subscribers?
  • Your Subscribers boost your new videos, like a loyal customer.
  • Have clear call to action at end of video “Please Subscribe for new exciting videos on topic
  • Set out clear goals to reach the milestones like 100 to 500 to 1000 to 10000 to 1 Million and So On.
  • Big Tips to grow subscribers faster than ever:
    • Share your videos on all social media platforms.
    • Add links to your website.
    • Put the link in your E-Mail signature.
    • Offer good content and also mention about your next video content so that they get attached to your channel.
    • Collaborate with other Channels, Post valuable comments in other peoples videos.
    • Have a niche and stick to it.






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